Why Submit?

Why submit?

What does PR6 backlinks mean?
Google assigns a “Page Rank” to web pages based on their perceived authority. This authority comes from links pointing to those pages, from other pages that have PR. Simply put, the higher the PR links, the higher the PR the page will become.

Therefore getting a PR6 backlink theoretically means the page receiving the backlink could become a PR4 or PR5 link.

It is not directly related to ranking or traffic, however obtaining a high PR doesn’t mean you’ll rank #1 in Google. It simply indicates Google’s “trust” in the site. However, quality backlinks from authoritative sites can help your site a lot.

A big “however”.

Having links to a site does help a site rank, especially if the links are of high quality. The more it ranks, the more traffic it can potentially get.

In a roundabout way, it can mean more traffic to a site, but there are other factors involved as well, like quality content. In short having your site listed on high PR web directories like Hedar.org tells search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that your site is worth visiting and this, along with other factors, will amount to the page rank your site will receive. In short, high PR backlinks alone is not enough to rank high in search engines, but without them, you won’t rank at all.

How permanent are backlinks?
How permanent links are situated depends on the owner of the site the link is from.

With Hedar.org, once your link is submitted, approved and published, it’s permanent and will never expire unless stipulated on your order or agreement on our submit listings page.

If there are special requirements on your listing, please feel free to contact us.