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How to Plan a Buck’s Party A buck’s night or buck’s party is a party held for a groom before the planned wedding. In some countries this type of party is referred to as a bachelor party. Most people associate these parties with strippers and drunken shenanigans. This does not have to be the case, it is up to the best man to plan the party and they should know what the groom will enjoy the most. If the groom would enjoy getting drunk and spending time with strippers then plan that party, but if you are looking for alternative ideas, then finish reading this article. Many guys like the outdoors and would enjoy partaking in some kind of outdoor sport. Many outdoor companies specialize in this type of thing, they will offer special packages for buck parties. Some examples are camping, hunting, canoeing, hiking, etc. These packages can vary in length, so if you are looking to do multiple things, you could include an outdoor activity with something else. If the buck and your friends are more the action type, then there are activities and events that might fit this better. One great option for this would be skydiving. If the groom to be or other members of the party are looking to keep their feet on the ground then this would not be a great option, but there are other extreme sports that might keep them interested. Other adrenaline packed activities could include paintball, skiing, boating, rafting, or biking. Some of these activities might be readily available in your town, but if not it is always fun to plan a weekend adventure.
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If adventure and action is the groom’s cup of tea, then you might want to look at concerts and sporting events that the groom might like. This is a great way to build stronger bonds with the guys before the groom gets married. It could also be fun to pair this with a nice meal and maybe a karaoke bar afterwards.
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The important thing to keep in mind when planning a buck party is that it is meant to honor the groom to be, you should pick activities that they would enjoy partaking in. I am not saying that you cannot including alcohol in your party planning, but you should only do so if the groom likes that type of thing. There are a lot of options out there for a clean party, it just might be a little trickier to find something that is enjoyable for a group of guys.

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