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What You Should Know about Ukulele Instruments The ukulele is one of the instruments that are widely known across the world. The instrument is popularly associated with the Hawaiian culture and is featured in just about every Hawaiian performance. The ukulele has some of the most unique musical sounds and exceptional designs as well. The ukulele instrument is meant for performers of all ages and skill levels. Their adaptable versatility and wonderful tones make these instruments great addition to any music regardless of whether it is live or on record. There are four types of ukuleles; soprano or standard ukulele, baritone, tenor, and concert.The four types of ukuleles include tenor, baritone, concert, and soprano.There are hundreds of models available at different prices.
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The soprano is the smallest of the four. It is usually 19 inches in length, 13 inches in scale size, and has four strings. It has the highest pitch and its sound is the one one that most people associate with a ukulele. Because of its size, the soprano ukulele is pretty portable.These ukulele instruments are generally less expensive that other types and are an excellent choice for beginners.
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The concert ukulele is somewhat larger than the soprano being about 23 inches in length and 15 inches in scale size. The concert ukulele has a less tiny sound and can either have four or 6 strings. Though more expensive than the soprano ukulele, the concert is still reasonably priced. It is suitable for those who prefer a longer scale. The total length of the tenor ukulele is about 23 inches and has a scale of around 23 inches. It can have up to 8 strings, can be tuned to different scales, and thus, can accommodate a wider range of tunes. They provide a deeper, fuller sound often preferred by professional musicians. The baritone ukulele is the biggest amongst the four ukuleles. While it is the most expensive type of ukulele; the baritone produces the deepest, richest sound. It can be tuned to resemble guitar and this along with its size makes it perfect for someone who already plays the guitar. If you already play the guitar, the baritone ukulele can be a great instrument. Its size combined with the fact that it can be tuned to resemble a guitar will enable you to get comfortable with a new instrument easily. The market carries a wide selection of ukuleles ranging from simple and very affordable instruments to the highest-quality instruments meant for professional musicians. Different types of woods are used for ukuleles. They include mango, cedar, mahogany, monkeypod, koa, acacia, and rosewood. There are lots of ukulele brands available today. Top 10 ukulele brands include G-string, Kala, Oscar Schmidt, Mahalo, Kamaka, Pono, Hamano, Cordoba, Kanilea, and Luna. Kanilea and Pono offer some of the best high-end ukuleles. You can buy ukulele instruments online or in local music shop. Because you will probably use your ukulele for many years after purchasing, it is imperative that you first do proper research before buying.

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