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A Guide to Wine and Painting A lot of people think that drinking wine is bad for their health and that wine cannot help them in their day to day lives. What they do not know is that wine can actually help the and is very beneficial to their health. With that said, let us look into why wine is beneficial to you, but first let me share a short story of what happened to me. There was one night I was painting and I was really sleepy so I decided to open up a bottle of wine that was just sitting on a table I was beside. After drinking a few glasses, I suddenly became more alive and a lot more focused on my painting and I actually got my painting done sooner than I thought. Wine is rarely considered as a healthy drink because of the health disease it can cause when you drink too much of it, but wine can also be a healthy drink with lots of healthy benefits. Be wise and don’t get drunk over wine so you can actually get all the benefits wine has to offer. A lot of people fall victim to the addiction of drinking wine. Below are a few benefits of drinking wine. This might seem crazy but wine is good for your heart. Natural antioxidants in wine called phenols are the main reason wine is good for your heart because these phenols help protect the heart form diseases. These natural antioxidants also help protect the heart from the risk of having high blood pressure or hypertension. Wine can indeed do a lot for your heart if you drink it moderately.
Finding Similarities Between Painting and Life
Fresher breath is another benefit I love about drinking wine. Drink a glass of wine and swish it in your mouth or have a shot of vodka to deal with bad breath. This next benefit is my favorite one. It was published that wine can actually keep your brain and focus sharper. It is possible that this was the reason for my burst in energy after drinking wine. Your brain’s neurons somehow work more when the ethanol in alcohol is present in your body. Let’s admit it, drinking wine can help your creativity juices. People who drink wine can actually solve problems better and are the more creative ones. This is why I drink wine while I paint.
Finding Similarities Between Painting and Life
Just make sure you don’t drink too much because we all know that too much of everything is never a good thing. There are more benefits but I just mentioned a few to help you begin to see the many more wonders wine can do for you.

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