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Easy Roller Dice 2017: Types of Dice for Tabletop Games

Most often than not, we imagine that dices are small cubes with six faces numbered from 1 to 6. Dices are commonly used in playing games of strategy and games of chance that have some components of randomness. However, there are more types of dice than we know which are D4 or four sides, D6 or six sides, D7 or seven sides, D8 or eigth sides, D10 or ten sides, D12 or twelve sides, D16 or sixteen sides, D20 or twenty sides, D24 or twenty-four sides, and D30 or thirty sides. Let us know more about them.

In most game stores, you’ll be able to learn about the different types of dice, and create unique games with them, you can choose from wide selection of polyhedral varieties. We are lucky because we have 3D printing ti enable hobbyists and game designers to make new shapes that are never been seen before. D4 dices or triangular pyramid are also referred to as tetrahedron, with values read along the bottom of the dice on the landing face, and are thrown and lands on their flat faces. D4 dice do not roll very well because their shape is pointy, so they are usually replaced with spinners. The shape of D6 or six side dice is cube, and they are numbered with dots, also known as pips. Some D6 dices come in crystal shape with pointed ends and elongated triangular faces, and are numbered 1 through 6. Instead of D7 or seven-sided pentagonal prism landing on rectangular faces, they likely land on pentagonal faces.

D8 or eight sides are also called octahedron with equilateral triangular faces that meet four to a corner. Octahedrons have a shape with twelve edges and six corners, and it can be visualized as two square pyramids which have been glued at their bases together. D10 or ten sides dice are shaped as pentagonal trapezohedra compared to two pentagonal pyramids fused at their bases wherein the face of one pyramid line up with the other’s edges. Platonic solid dodecahedron are the basis for 12 sided dice, with twelve regular pentagon faces which meet three to a corner. Dodecahedrons are also used as calendar dice with names of months labeled on their faces. D16 or sixteen sided dice are made by like fusing two octagonal pyramids at their bases, and they harder to find because they’re unusual and don’t come with standard sets. D16 dice are odd numbers on one side and even numbers on the other.

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